We have been producing farm fresh and top quality quails and quail eggs since 2009.

At Quail Kingdom, we breed Standard Japanese Quails, not Jumbos nor Goliath Japanese. We do not selective breed for size and colour/ markings because we work with species preservation and conservation of biodiversity in mind. 💝 We have excellent animal management plus veterinary science and medicine background. That is why we understand how important natural breeding practices and biodiversity are not only to our birds, but also to ecosystem stability.












Located in the Sunshine State of Queensland, Quail Kingdom supplies quail eggs to many Brisbane and Gold Coast stores. We also work with some distributing companies.

Our General Distributor: 

Garden Verde
Brisbane Markets,  Block C.
+61 409 657 575

Our Online Retailer:  

Eden Fresh Picks
(Australia-Wide Postage and Local Collection Available)
Caboolture, QLD 4510
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